Wrinkles are a natural part of aging or spending time in the sun, but many people worry that their wrinkles make them look tired. Relaxing those muscles through the use of BOTOX® can soften lines & make you look more youthful.

Woman smiling outsideDr. Hong offers Botox treatment for chronic migraine pain induced by TMJ problems in our Brooklin dental office. If a night guard has not offered you sufficient relief from migraine headaches & jaw pain, speak to us about Botox treatment.

Botox has been safely used for cosmetic treatments for many years. It also offers benefits for conditions including jaw pain, tension headaches caused by jaw issues & migraines caused by TMJ problems.

Since dentists are already trained in the anatomy of the maxillofacial area, oral & intraoral areas, they are well suited to offer Botox treatment for TMJ related issues.

Dr. Hong offers night guard treatment, orthodontic treatment & Botox treatment to address TMJ problems & associated symptoms. Schedule your personal consultation to discover which option is right for you.

What Is BOTOX®?

During BOTOX® treatment, a small amount of botulinum toxin is injected into the area being treated. Botulinum toxin might sound scary, but really all it does it block signals from certain nerves. When used in BOTOX® procedures, this toxin is injected in such small doses that it simply causes the muscles to relax & existing lines to soften considerably. It may also prevent potential or future lines to form in the treated area. While BOTOX® affects some nerves, it does not affect those responsible for your senses, so you’ll still be able to feel touch or temperature in treated areas.

BOTOX® Isn’t Just For Cosmetics

BOTOX® isn’t just for cosmetics. Because of its ability to relax muscles, it has been shown to help ease TMJ pain & lessen the effects of grinding. With a well-placed injection in certain muscles around the jaw, BOTOX® can weaken a patient’s bite enough to relieve some symptoms for those suffering from TMD (jaw pain) or bruxism, including jaw tension, headaches, grinding & clenching. This could be especially effective for patients who grind their teeth while they sleep, when they can’t consciously relax their jaw muscles. However, BOTOX® is usually only recommended when other treatment methods & lifestyle changes have been ineffective.

Procedure Overview

Thankfully, each treatment is short, there is no recovery time & effects begin to show quickly, within just a couple of days. Some patients do experience slight bruising or headaches following treatment, but both are normal effects of injections and should dissipate in no time.

We are certified to administer BOTOX®. Call today to schedule your consultation.

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