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Please See Us Before It Worsens – A Root Canal Treatment May Save Your Tooth

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Root Canal Treatment is effective for tooth pain.

At Winchester Dental, your dental health is our main concern. Whenever possible saving a damaged tooth is our priority.  Did you know that root canal treatment can save a tooth from having to be completely extracted?  This allows the root of the tooth to stay strong and viable in the jawbone, preserving powerful tooth function.

Here’s how a root canal is done:

  • Inside each of your teeth is dental pulp. It provides your tooth with nerves and other important functions. However, if the dental pulp becomes damaged or infected, it can die, leading to the tooth to also die.
  • A root canal removes the damaged dental pulp before it can affect the entire tooth. After it is removed, the tooth is refilled and a crown is placed to strengthen the tooth’s structure.

Root canal therapy is an excellent option for many dental issues causing dental pain.

And while you may have heard that a root canal is painful, that is a little misleading.  The pain is caused by the dental problem – root canal treatment resolves the problem and within a few days, the associated pain.

Don’t suffer any longer – and don’t risk losing a precious tooth.

If you have a toothache, please call us to schedule a visit today: 905-425-4205.


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