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Orthodontics For Children, Teenagers & Adults

Dr. Hong offers orthodontics for children, teenagers and adults as well as Invisalign clear braces. We offer FREE orthodontic exams for all patients, and are happy to discuss treatment options with you.

Dental Braces Treatment

Dental braces can treat and correct a variety of dental issues such as gapped teeth, crowded teeth, rotated teeth, an underbite, overbite or other tooth and jaw misalignment issues. Research shows that 3/4 people have some form of orthodontic issue that would benefit from treatment.

Early orthodontic treatment reduces treatment timelines and costs.

Delayed treatment can increase chances of cavities, bacteria trapped in gum pockets and periodontal disease.

Healthy teeth in their correct positions are easier to brush, floss and keep healthy for life.

It’s our mission to provide you with quality dental care for every stage of life, so please don’t hesitate to speak to us about any orthodontic or dental concern.

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Orthodontics in Whitby & Brooklin ON August 1, 2017

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