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The Cost Of A Dental Bridge And How Much Insurance Will Cover

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The Cost Of A Dental Bridge & What Your Insurance Will Cover

If you find yourself with a missing tooth and exploring tooth replacement options, you know a popular option is a dental bridge.  The cost of a dental bridge depends on how many teeth will become part of the bridge and the materials used, although materials fluctuate very little. Today we’re breaking down the cost of a bridge, how much your dental insurance will cover, and what you can expect to pay for your dental bridge treatment, whether you have insurance or not.

Dental Fees In Ontario

Dental treatment fees in Ontario are regulated. Dentists are obligated to invoice services according to the Ontario Dental Fee Guide. This means that whether you visit a dentist in Brooklin ON, or Thunder Bay, you should be charged the same fee for the same service anywhere in Ontario.

The cost of treatment is the same for patients with insurance and those without insurance.  This is also true of medical visits or health care. Dentistry is a type of health care, however it is not covered by OHIP.  For more information, please read this post on the cost of Invisalign treatment in which we break down dental insurance payments in Ontario in greater detail.

Our Dental Office in Brooklin Accepts Payment Direct From Insurance

Here at Winchester Dental in Brooklin Ontario we accept assignment of benefits if your plan allows it. Your insurance can pay directly for the portion of your dental bridge treatment they will cover. We also offer convenient monthly payment plans for the portion of your treatment you pay for, making it easy to get the treatment you want today.

OK, so how much does a dental bridge cost?

Again, the cost of a bridge depends on how many teeth are included and materials. Here are 2 examples, almost to the penny.

3 Unit Bridge Cost

  • Cost of single tooth extraction = $141 ( if the tooth is already missing, no extraction fee applies)
  • Cost of 3 unit bridge = $2057
  • Cost of lab fees = $350 per tooth x 3

Total Cost = $3,248.00

4 Unit Bridge Cost

  • Cost of 2 x single tooth extractions = $282 ( if the teeth are already missing, no extraction fees apply)
  • Cost of 3 unit bridge = $2426
  • Cost of lab fees = $350 per tooth x 4

Total Cost = $4108.00

I don’t have dental insurance. How much will my bridge cost me?

You can use the above examples as an estimate, as they are taken from the 2016 Ontario Dental Fee Guide.  If you do not have insurance, your full treatment cost can be paid by cheque, Visa, MasterCard or, we are happy to offer you a monthly payment plan.  Please schedule an exam with Dr. Hong to get your personalized treatment plan and estimate.

I have dental insurance. How much will my portion of my bridge cost me?

This depends on how much your dental plan covers. Each plan is different. The most common types of coverage we have encountered is that your insurance will either not cover any tooth replacement treatment at all, will cover it to 50%, or will cover it to 80%.

Some plans will cover the treatment cost but limit the lab portion.

Others will only pay for treatment if the teeth in question have never received a dental crown or bridge, or, only if the previous crown or bridge are of a certain age.

To be sure, visit your dentist for a personalized treatment plan and to have an estimate (also called a predetermination) sent to your insurance provider.  Estimates are generally valid for 3-6 months after they are submitted.

Here are some examples to help you.

Example Of  Dental Bridge Cost With 50% Insurance Coverage

If your insurance covers 50% of dental bridges on the current fee guide, and your 3 unit bridge treatment cost is $3,248.00, you can expect insurance to pay $1624.00  Your 50% portion is also $1624. You can pay the full $1624 in a single payment, or choose a monthly payment plan with our office.

Example Of Dental Bridge Cost With 80% Insurance Coverage

If your insurance covers 80% of dental bridges, on the current fee guide,and your 3 unit bridge treatment cost is $3,248.00, you can expect your insurance to pay $2598.40.  Your 20% portion is $649.60.

Personalized Treatment Plans

Tooth replacement treatment plans are determined by your overall health, your dental health, how many teeth require replacement, the condition of the teeth adjacent to the missing teeth, the integrity of your jawbone (it shrinks over time in areas where teeth are missing), and your personal choice.  You and your dentist may decide that a dental implant is a better option for you over a dental bridge.  Or, you may decide that due to cost, a denture is the way you will proceed.

Whether you do or do not have insurance coverage has nothing to do with what is best for your comfort and long term dental health, though we recognize that having dental benefits certainly makes paying for treatment a little easier.

Nevertheless, with your savings, a line of credit, a points collecting Visa or a monthly payment plan, you can plan for any dental treatment you need.

Your Treatment Plan

Dr. Cathy Hong offers excellent dental care to Brooklin and Whitby area residents. Schedule your visit to explore your dental treatment options. If you have insurance, an estimate will be submitted to your insurance and if not, we will happily explain payment plan options to you.

You can begin treatment right away, or take a little time to prepare.

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