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51 Days Left To Use Your 2016 Dental Benefits

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Can you believe it? 

44 days to Christmas…

51 days left to use your benefits…

Where does the time go?

As we approach the end of the year, we are writing to share a tip that can help you take full advantage of any dental insurance benefits you may have remaining for 2016:  If you don’t use them, you lose them!  

Many people do not realize this and you may accidentally let hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars worth of benefits go back into your employer’s pocket.

Benefits are a part of your salary, and not using them is like giving your employer back a chunk of your pay.

While treatment is never dictated by insurance, if you or your family members have any treatment that remains to be completed, or you have any dental concerns at all, it would be very useful for you to come in before the end of the year.

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How Much? 

If you are trying to plan out dental treatment, it helps to know how much things cost.  While every treatment plan is a little different, depending on your teeth, gums and overall health, we went ahead and broke down some costs for you.

Dental Bridge Costs

See how much a 3 or 4 unit bridge costs, what insurance normally covers, and what you can expect to pay in our blog post here.

Invisalign Cost

See how much an Express case cost vs a Full case, and how much insurance normally covers, and what you can expect to pay in our blog post here.

Special Offers Until December 1, 2016

Wondering about the cost of something else?  Come in for a free consultation with Dr. Hong.  Valid until December 1, 2016. Details on all special offers here.

And thanks for stopping by today!

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